Low grade fever and high bp since January, swollen lymph nodes since march?

low grade fever and high bp since January, swollen lymph nodes since march, biopsy negative. ct of head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis negative. bone pain, skin discoloration in areas of pain. stinging skin comes and goes, had left cheek numbness for 1 week about a month ago, no one knows why. recent bloodwork show ldh of 254 and b12 of 1222. is that anything to be concerned about? all doctors I’ve seen think I’m making up symptoms and dismiss everything.

Age: 28
Medications: effexor, trazodone, pramipexole, lithium, metoprolol, levothyroxine
General Information: diaphragmatic hernia repaired at birth, left temporal lobe grade 2 astrocytoma removed in 2009

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Dr. Deepak Patel
10:40 pm

Hello. The symptoms you describe do indicate concern. But they may be the result of your existing conditions for which you are prescribed medication. High LDH and high B12 may also be caused by these, they do not necessarily mean a problem exists. Additional LDH testing and B12 testing such as an MMA test should be done to confirm if a problem exists. The fever and High blood pressure you experience do however need to be treated, I recommend you speak to your Doctor about these and proceed with further investigation. Regards.