My niece has a lump that has started one week ago?

My niece has a lump that has started one week ago. Saw ENT specalist and suggested she get a mri under sedation, she is 5 yrs old. Any ideas what it could be? the colour looks nasty. There is a 2 week wait before she can get a mri. Should we be concerned if it gets bigger / spreads in 2 weeks?

Age: 5

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Dr.Honey Arora
7:30 am

Can you please tell that is the lump painful to touch?
-Is it hard and attached or soft and movable?
-Is it continuing to increase in size or is the same?
-Is she showing any abnormal gestures or symptoms?

Please write back.


Original Poster
Original Poster
10:40 pm

No symptoms

Not sore when touched

Original Poster
Original Poster
11:09 pm

Its also soft to touch & she said tickles when touched

Dr. Javez Ernesto
4:23 pm

Looks like a deep Hemangioma. Probably due to accumulation of blood vessels underneath skin.
This should eventually disappear on its own. The imaging will show how deep it is and indicate if treatment is required.