My wife is an amputee and has had phantom pain for four days now?

My wife is an amputee and has had phantom pain for four days now. She is a very strong woman but she is in tears with the pain. She is taking Gabopenten but that does not help. She has been putting up with the pain for many years but this time it is lasting longer than it has before, Is there anything she can do to alleviate the pain?

Age: her age is 73
Medications: Gabopenton, feoroset

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Dr. Javez Ernesto
6:14 pm

Phantom pain usually is temporary – 6 months to 12 months – afterwards there may still be pain for a longer period but the pain usually diminishes with time. In your wife’s case it seems she has been suffering from acute pain for years. This should not be the case and the right treatment needs to be found. In my opinion you should first consult with your Doctor and have her medications reviewed. She may require anti-depressants. Also, a multi faceted approach may be needed. This should include different medications plus Acupuncture and Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENs. If pain… Read more »