Question: Not able to breathe when exercising when I have used my Ventolin?

Hi I m 19 and female. Medical history severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and asthma. Have a heart murmer but told not to worry. I m very active exercise everyday and night. Question why am I not able to breathe when exercising when I have used my Ventolin and my heart races 240 best per minute is there something wrong?

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5:29 am

hi dear..
actually, after using ventolin, you should be able to breathe quite easily and should not have any problems. But given the history of anxiety and depression that you have, it causes shortness of breath, more so when you exercise. increased heart rate causes less intake of oxygen and causes breathing problems. Its usually temporary though and shouldnt be worried about.
but a heart rate of 240/m definitely needs attention and i suggest you should take a cardiologist opinion.