Seven Advantages of Online Medical Consultations

Seeking online health advice is proving to be of great use to patients around the world., it’s an effective means of getting professional medical advice. Here are 7 reason why online medical consultations should become an integral part of your medical need-to-do list.

1. No Location Boundaries or Limitations. Obviously one of the major advantages is the fact that you can gain online access to reputable general doctors and specialists that otherwise would not be available to you. And you can also get medical advice in places where it’s not possible. Online medical consultation provide remarkable benefits to everyone, even if you are restricted at home, in rural areas, remote locations or in other settings that limit your access to conventional treatment options.

2. Better than Self-Diagnosis.How many times you’ve used general search engines to search symptoms of diseases or conditions? Maybe, countless times! But it is important to realize that relying on health and medical information provided by general health sites to self-diagnose your condition is dangerous and counterproductive.
Looking at health and medical photos and studying articles using the internet can give you some ideas about your current health condition, but it will never be a substitute for consulting a doctor. Without an expert advice (and proper diagnosis), you won’t be able to identify what underlying causes are behind your condition.
Moreover, today thousands of online sites provide information on health and medical issues. And, chances are high that the information could be scams or dodgy.

3. Cost Effective.In these days of hefty medical bills, the appeal for low-cost healthcare is strong among patients. While an average doctor visit costs around $120 – $150 without insurance, online medical consultations range from $25 to $80 without insurance.

4. Confidentiality. Some people seek online contact with doctors they have never met because they value the confidentiality for sensitive medical topics or conditions.

5. Better than Telemedicine Services.Online doctor consultations have a slight advantage than telemedicine. You can take your time to write a detailed description of your condition. Also, you can submit your previous and current medical reports.

6. 24/7 Health Support.Most online health service providers offer twenty-four-hour access to doctor consultation and the convenience of receiving care at home.

7. Second Opinions. Online doctor consultations can provide patients with
second opinions from doctors using a completely different approach to
medical problems such as Conventional, Integrative, Alternative, or Naturopathic approaches.

Paul Simons,
Online Doctor Consultation Services