My son has ADHD, Allergies and Colon issues. He is often sick but doctors don’t seem to be concerned?


My son is 11 years old, 4’11” weighs 69.8 lbs, is currently diagnosed with ADHD, his IGE is elevated and has been taking allergy shots for mold, dust mites, pollen, trees, grasses, cats, dogs, etc. His igA is present but about half the level it should be and his igG was also low. His A/G Ratio is 2.3, his Bun/create ratio is 21. His pneumococcal numbers from vaccines were low so he recently had to redo the pneumococcal shots (both the 11 and the one they give to the elderly). His urinalysis results showed mucousUrine- Present(A) andAmorphous Crystals -Few(A). Biopsies of his colon showed “a microscopic examination was done. No pathologicchangeswere noted in any of the biopsies, but there was a nonspecific finding in the random colon biopsies. Rare glands contain a few intraepithelialeosinophils in the absence of any interstitial inflammation ”

All of this has been over a number of tests. He also has been on a gluten free diet for a year as it seemed to give him severe stomache aches. Anything we should know or are missing with all of this. Each Doctor individually doesn’t seem too concerned but my son is often sick and missing school.

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