I had rash, covered my whole stomach, now it is on my neck?


I’m 21, with no history of allergies or skin conditions. About six months ago, I had gotten the first rash I’ve ever had. As I irritated it with scratching it eventually covered my whole stomach, and was scale-y feeling. After some time it went away.

Currently, I’m having the same problem. This time it’s my collar bone/neck. A few days ago it itched, and now it’s getting larger and has the same scale y texture.

I wear the same necklace everyday, and it shouldn’t be contact dermatitis from that. The rash is only in one small area and I have no metal allergies and I’ve worn this jewelry for quite some time.

What is it, and how can i prevent this issue? It only itches occaisonally, and it’s not painful or inflamed. Theres no “gunk” crust, or gross discharge of any kind.

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