I may have had a miscarriage, please advise?


Hello, I am asking about something that happened awhile back and I think I had a miscarriage. This happened back when I was a teen and it’s really bothering me now and need clarification. Back then I did have unprotected sex and he did not pull out, I missed 2 periods and assumed I was pregnant but I did not take a test to confirm. Then one day I was awoken by a sharp pain followed by a lot of blood just dripping out and puddling onto the floor, when I went to the bathroom I noticed a firm little greyish and kind of skinned-toned mass that seemed like a little “ball” for lack of a better description. That was unlike any clot I had ever seen before and have never seen anything like that again. I wish I had gone to the doctor to confirm, but since I did not, does this seem like it could have been a miscarriage or just a very odd cycle ? Age: 26


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