I am concerned about my aortic valve and pulmonary valve peak gradient, need second opinion?


40yo female born with a congenital heart defect. Had a Ross Procedure in 2000 to replace a bicuspid aortic valve with my own pulmonary valve. In 2007 the surgery had failed and I had a pulmonary valve replacement, tricuspid repair and a right ventricle patch. I experience shortness of breath upon exercising and when laying down. My ECHO, according to my cardiologist, says everything is fine and my shortness of breath has been diagnosed to be allergies. I do have a concern about the my aortic valve peak gradient and my pulmonic valve’s peak gradient. My ECHO in 2014 showed that my aortic valves peak gradient was 12.3mmHg, peak velocity was 1.8m/s and mean gradient was 7.8mmHg. Last month my aortic valve’s peak gradient was 5mmHg, peak velocity was 1.1m/s and mean gradient is 2mmHg. My pulmonic valve’s peak gradient in 2014 was 33.6mmHg, peak velocity was 2.9m/s, and mean gradient was 19.7mmHg. This year my peak gradient is 26mmHg, peak velocity 2.5m/s, and mean gradient 13mmHg.

My cardiologist says everything looks great, but come of those numbers have changed a lot. Why are they not concerned with some of those numbers? Also, my EF was 61-65% in 2015 and is now 50-55%. Did the numbers improve or get worse?

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