Doctor prescribed 25mg b-blocker twice a day for a month to control palpitations & BP?


Hi, I am 38 male. No medical history. I went to ER in Dec. end after dehydration from excessive drinking. ECG & blood sugar were normal. Heart beat was 102 standing & 72 sitting. BP was 145-85. I was told to get hypertension monitored by my GP. I got scared I might have damaged heart with excessive drinking. Straight away I cut down drinking & was nervous about the whole thing. After 2 days I went to GP, BP was 165-90. Got ECG & blood test for heart muscles done at that very moment. Both results were ok except high heart beat of 110. GP advised it to be anxiety nd come back in 2 weeks for BP check. She gave few diazepam to use only if anxiety gets extreme. I went on veggies & water overdrive nd BP slowly started coming down. After 2 weeks it was 125-85 & pulse between 60 to 82 resting. GP told no need for hypertension medicine. FOR NEXT 4-5 weeks I was measuring BP weekly at friend’s place nd it was always around 125-85. However, I was still feeling dizzy & not sure if I got a healthy heart. Went to another GP yesterday & heart beat went 110 & BP 145-85. GP assured heart is fine as ECGs haven’t picked any issue. He presc. 25mg b-blocker twice a day for a month to control palpitations & BP. That was a big relief for me that heart is ok. Within hour heart beat was 60. Wasn’t sure if I should start medicine. Went to chemist half heartedly later in the evening & heart beat went 96. Bought medicine, put it in box nd said will think about it later. Heart beat back to 72. Today it’s been max 76 resting nd 86 while working. Now, I am not sure should I start medicine or actually monitor my BP daily at home for one more week and take those results to GP. What if BP & palpitations were just white coat syndrome?