Diagnosed with myoclonus dystonia after years of baffling medical tests, living with too many animals?

I’m writing about a situation I am aware of, but is not my own family. A young friend (12 years old) has been diagnosed, after years of baffling medical tests of all kinds, with myoclonus dystonia. It is pretty severe! I have become aware, recently, that there are numerous pets living in the home, many of which potty all over the house. The house reeks of cat urine and is fly infested. Everyone is happy and well loved, but I am wondering if some of the symptoms this young person suffers could be related to living with too many animals in an unkept environment. I can’t find any indication that this is true from my browsing on-line, but wondered if an expert could throw some light on the possibility. The child doesn’t seem to have any respiratory symptoms, nor do the siblings in the home. I’m doubtful, but still want to know if it is possible. Could this be the missing link to answer all the baffling gaps in understanding what is going on in this child’s body? I’m sorry I don’t have more information such as you request, but again, this is not my family and I don’t have access to that info. Thanks for your time and consideration. I want to know how to advise the mother and whether to bring this possibility to bear on getting them to relinquish their pets as well as whether to bring their doctors up to speed on the presence of all the pets. They used to have ferrets too, if that is any help. Outdoors they have goats and fowl. Any connection to dystonia symptoms in any of those? Thanks.

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