I have not been well for some time now, no one can give me an answer?

Hi, I have not been well for some time now. I have several symptoms and I’m not sure if they are related, or there is more than one thing going on. My previous GP was AWFUL. I feel that no one can give me an answer as to what is going on. I will list my symptoms:

Severe lower back muscle pain, hips, and legs: I suffered from pelvic arthropathy when I was pregnant with my son (born March 2013), the severe pain in my pelvis is gone but I still cannot get through the day without taking painkillers for my back, my hips click when I move and the pain radiates into my legs and feet. It feels like all the muscles from my lower back, legs and feet are constantly cramping. I am so sore everyday. I have had an x-ray, which showed nothing.

Chronic diarrhoea: I have suffered this for approx 3years. Since this began I have to take a full box of anti-diarrhoea tablets everyday, this does not stop me going, it just makes my Poos soft and not watery. If I do not take the tablets, I cannot control my bowels. I have had a colonoscopy, biopsy and small intestine dye test, these were all normal.

My inflammatory markers in my bloods have been raised for 4+ years.

My sleep pattern is from one extreme to the other, I either suffer from insomnia for weeks on end or I can’t stay awake and very fatigued for weeks on end.

I believe I suffer from a condition call Hidradenitis Supparitiva.

I have had a significant weight gain when I was pregnant (2012-2013) and there after(I went from being 8st to 15st. I have managed to get my weight down to 13st 3lb however I can’t seem to shift anymore. I am 5’2. I do not have a big appetite and can only eat small amounts. What I eat does not justify my weight.

My bloods all appear to be normal, apart from my inflammatory markers.

I feel that noone wants to find out what is wrong and drs are making me feel like it’s all in my head, it’s not. I just want to know what is wrong.

I would really appreciate any help or advise you could give me. I am female and 27years ild. Thankyou.

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