I have bad swelling in my legs and feet, will my swelling be alleviated if a biventricular pacemaker is put in?

I am a 91 year old male with congestive heart failure, on medicine for it and have an existing pacemaker that was put in in 2012.

I have bad swelling in my legs and feet, no energy, sleeping issues, and just don’t feel good.

I have the option of 1. getting a new battery in my existing pacemaker (has 6-7 months left)
2. Getting a biventricular pacemaker put in
3. Doing nothing
My question is: 1. Will my swelling be alleviated with the biventricular pacemaker put in?
2. If I chose to do nothing, what will typically happen when my battery runs down or out?

Age: 91
Medications: Multaq, Furosemide, spironolactone, ferrous sulfate
General Information: Yes, I am under the care is a cardiologist