I have bad swelling in my legs and feet, will my swelling be alleviated if a biventricular pacemaker is put in?

I am a 91 year old male with congestive heart failure, on medicine for it and have an existing pacemaker that was put in in 2012.

I have bad swelling in my legs and feet, no energy, sleeping issues, and just don’t feel good.

I have the option of 1. getting a new battery in my existing pacemaker (has 6-7 months left)
2. Getting a biventricular pacemaker put in
3. Doing nothing
My question is: 1. Will my swelling be alleviated with the biventricular pacemaker put in?
2. If I chose to do nothing, what will typically happen when my battery runs down or out?

Age: 91
Medications: Multaq, Furosemide, spironolactone, ferrous sulfate
General Information: Yes, I am under the care is a cardiologist

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Dr. Deepak Patel

Hello. If the battery runs out, your heart will revert back to how it was working before the pacemaker. You may suffer heart failure. A biventricular pacemaker can help with swelling but not necessarily. Swelling in legs and feet, no energy and sleeping issues may be caused by other factors besides your pacemaker. Thank you for your question.

Dr.Honey Arora
2:22 am

Hi.. Swelling in feet can be due to a number of causes and cardiac issue is one among them.. Other causes can be kidney dysfunction. These are common ones.. Some medications can also cause water retention.. So first of all you need to discuss with your Cardiologist about the exact cause of the swelling.. Ruling out the exact cause is the must as treating the underlying cause can help in reducing the water retention and relieving swelling.. Also the doses of diuretics can be increased to reduce swelling.. But first the kidney functions should be checked.. Also limit salt and… Read more »