I had a “cannabis episode” that really scared me, dizziness, neurological symptoms, cardiac pain?


Hi I just need some reassurance as yesterday I had a bit of an “episode” that really scared me. I’m female and 25 years old. I have diagnoses ulcerative colitis though not on medication.
Please note that I had smoked cannibis prior to this (I smoke most weekends so am not unfamiliar with this substance but could obviously be the trigger/cause). After smoking I was walking to dinner, felt light headed and a bit dizzy, this then escalated to heart palpitations far worse than I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had anxiety before but this was much stronger, I was almost waiting for the arm pain that comes with heart attack, this lasted roughly 5 minutes, I sat down to try and control it and the dizziness got worse and neurological symptoms began which really scared me, I lost the ability to read/comprehend, I couldn’t form sentences nothing was making sense, I got very emotional and started hysterically crying and couldn’t stop, the whole episode probably lasted about 15-20 minutes though I wasn’t in a state to accurately assess time. There was some cardiac pain that lasted after the episode finished.

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