Question: Is it a really bad charley horse cramp or dangerous seizure?

My name is Kristi, I’m a 31 yr old female, pretty good health, weigh 140lbs. And I’ve been getting really bad charley horse cramps last couple of months. I was taking a potassium tablet a day which was just barely helping. I’ve probably stopped taking them for 2 weeks now and things are getting worse. Muscles lock up, one of my toes will involuntarily twitch or get locked up nearly sideways. Last night my ankle on my right leg got locked up twisted sideways (it twisted that way itself, I couldn’t move my foot) with a little cramping in my calf while my second to big toe on my left foot twitched away. All at the same time. Seemed more like some kind of seizure than charley horse cramps. My boyfriend was able to straighten my foot & ankle while massaging it but as soon as he’d let go it would go back to twisted. Lasted about 5 minutes. Hours later I was woken in the night by a charley horse in my left calf that still leaves my calf muscle tight & sore. Hard to walk since it happened. Should I be worried this is more than low potassium? And how much potassium should I be taking daily?

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