I fell pregnant found out it was a chemical pregnancy, now having non stop hot flashes?

23 , female
Last year in July I fell pregnant in oct we found out it was a chemical pregnancy , in nov my dr diagnosed me with pcos she told me it was a rare case since I’m not over weight or have any serious medical conditions , in dec she put me medroxy progesterone and clomid to help conceive I finished clomid on day 5-9 of my cycle which was jan 1-5 , she perscribed sex for us on day 12-18 of my cycle which is jan 8-14 , but the thing is lately I’ve been having non stop hot flashes that last about and hour or two it’s manageable throughout the day but at night it’s the worst , I sleep with the windows open and the fans on and it’s 45 degrees out side and I’m constantly sweating like it’s summer , it’s very overwhelming , is it just from the meds and because I’m ovulating or could it be something else ?