I have Computer vision syndrome, pain in shoulder, head, nerves?

Hi..I am a software engineer so have to sit with laptop for long time. Recently I got my eyes tested and was told that I have”Computer vision syndrome” and my eye muscles are week and was advised to take some eye exercises along with eye drops.
From the last 3 weeks I and have:
— Stiff neck with mild pain in my right shoulder. (pain is not such that hinders my day today work, able to move my arm freely)
— heaviness in head just above the part where skull begins.
— heaviness and feeling like some nerve is compressing when lying flat on the bed.
— mild pain on top of head and temples(portion above ears) especially when I work on laptop — this is not regular pain.

Also recently I had all my blood tests and all were normal.

Kindly suggest your opinion for the same.

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