Do I have costochondritis?

I went to the ER about a month ago for chest pains that i’ve been having weeks prior, they did an ekg which turned out fine and a blood pressure check which was good. They said it’s costochondritis and what not. When i did research on it, the pain wasnt where it said it should be. In the space where my breast are separated, on the left side and the right side is where my pain is. Also i have upper back pain in the middle and shoulder pain. Is it really costochondritis? Plus i know i should’ve went to the doctor for a check up since it’s been hurting for about a full month but the thing is, it’s a come and go pain. I never have it continuously. Some days it won’t hurt, some days it will hurt. Anyway, thoughts?

Female | 19 | i’m currently taking iron supplements and vitamin c, as well as birth control pills.

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