I had a CAT Scan (CT) will radiation increase my cancer risk?

Hi I asked a question a month ago about some auxillary swollen lymph nodes. I ended up getting a ct of my chest and it came back clear. I’m a little worried now over the radiation. At the time, I thought the benefits outweighed the bad but after learning more, I feel like we should have just done a needle biopsy which my doctor didn’t offer to do. I’m 28/f 5’1 100 pounds. I’ve never had any medical imaging tests until this year. In November I had a car accident and the ER doctor talked me into having a brain ct scan which I had asked him if it was a lot of radiation and he said no and was very persistent on getting it. I feel that it was unnecessary because I only had some bruises and my head was fine. I also had some x rays done. Then my chiropractor did his own set of x rays. This month for the swollen lymph nodes, I had another chest x ray done and the chest ct scan with and without contrast (so I have no idea how many pictures that is.) I really regret doing these cts especially since they are all in a short time frame– 9 months apart… If I never have another x ray or ct again… will the damage I have done increase my cancer risk?

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