When I go to washroom, I discharge blood and mucus?

Hi, last week i had diarrhoea, it was a sudden bout and i put it down to a bug. The following day it stopped. I have had a slight feeling of sickness all week. Today i was fine, went for a walk and then realky suddenly out of the blue i had to literally run home to go to the toilet with diarrhoea again. I went and it felt like i was bruised or my insides were hanging out (quite difficult to describe). I needed to go again after this but when i looked in the toilet after thinking i had gone for a runny poo again, it was like pure mucus jelly with quite a lot of blood mixed in. For tge last few hours every time i go to toilet and try to pass wind its just this blood and mucus in the toilet from my bottom again. I have had symptoms of other illnesses lately which i am about to see the dr for and dont think they are in anyway related but thought id better include them incase (i have noticed a uterine prolapse, i have a slight show of blood after sex and sometines in my vaginal discharge, i have period like pains, i get a metallic taste in my month, suffer from headaches that radiate around my teeth, jaw and temples, i get neck pain right in the middle were my spinal column is, i get back pain in/around my coxic bone and pain/numbness down my leg and foot, i feel very bloated all of the time, fatigue, lots of saliva in my mouth) as i say i dont think tbey are all related but you never know. Please help x

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