I am in the mid twenties, never had morning erection, genitals look like that of a child?

Mid twenties. Never had morning erection and genitals look like that of a child. Urologist ordered some blood work: t levels are normal(total: 579ng/dl free: 1ng/dl), dht levels are low normal (total: 18ng/dl free: 1.70pg/ml). LH(3.8 mIU/ml) and FSH(6.1 mIU/ml) also normal. Took clomid for 3 months to increase t(total: 1047ng/dl free: 35.8pg/ml) and dht(total: 75ng/dl free:15.20pg/ml)…yet still no morning erection. I can get an erection consciously though. What could we be missing?

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