I have menstruation problems, doc gives me lots of meds, want to have a baby?

Hello, first thing sorry for my weak English cause it’s not my first language. I’m 23 years old female. After my puberty my menses was normal for almost 2 or 3 years. Since i was 17 years old i have problems with my menses, it may stops for a year then suddenly start again. I was going to a doctor and she gave me some kind of medicine which has an effect as contraceptive pills, synthetic estrogen or progestron i can’t remember the name of that medicine, which make my menses start normally, but when i stop that medicine my menses stops too. Now i get married last year and i really want a baby. I make Endocrinology unit and my T3,T4,TSH and prolactin hormones are normal. I also made Trans-Vaginal US Reveals, and the conclusion was “Increased stromal echogenicity of both ovaries with bilateral small follicular size suggesting PCO for follow up.”. Last month my doctor gave me “Lutone” as injection with “Letrozole pills”. This month doctor gave me “Duphaston pills” with “Clomid pills” to stimulate ovulation, last time i went to the doctor my ova were still small in size, So doctor gave me “Fostimon injection” to be taken 3 times. I took it one time for now and tomorrow i’ll continue. But i’m very worried that i can’t be pregnant one day. I hope that my condition is almost clear to you and i’m really looking forward to your advice. Thank you and i’m waiting for reply.

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