Fingers numb and tingle, belly bloated, UTI, Fallopian tube hurts?

24 Years old, Female Hello, I am always tired and weak and this is “normal” for me. My fingers would become numb and tingle. About 3 to 4 months ago, I skipped my period and I noticed my belly was bloated. If I eat or drink something, my belly would like triple the size. A week ago, I had a sever UTI and I get this once a while. I did not take any antibiotics, took pain killers and drank lot of water and it went away yesterday. Four days ago, I noticed both of my sides, midway to my hip started to hurt really bad. It was like they were on fire and also my right Fallopian tube started to hurt too. It was like something was stuck in there and it’s a throbbing pain. The pain on both of my sides become worse if I drink coffee. The pain is still going on today and I can hardly sit in one place. Please let me know what is goin on. I went to the doctor for this in the past and they said it was a UTI but this time, UTI is gone. I was supposed to already start my period this month but it still has not came.

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