Chronic fatigue, joint pain, low grade fever, night sweats, family physician doesn’t know what’s wrong?

My family physician isn’t sure of what’s going on with me. First of all I’m 25 year old and female have been pretty much healthy all my life, I stay pretty active and have a physically demanding job. Last week I noticed a swollen lymph node under my arm. I’ve had chronic fatigue for close to a year now, joint pain, body aches mainly in my left shoulder and right hip. I’ve also noticed recently that at any point during the day I run a low grade fever, sometimes most of the day. I have started having night sweats also. My blood work is sort of a concern for me. My wbc, rbc, and neut levels are not flagging high but have increased since my last bloodwork in August. My dr ran antibody tests this time and my ANA and JO-1 are both critically high. Any idea?

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