I received a pneumonia, flu, tetanus vaccine, is my reaction normal?

I got a pneumonia vaccine 2 days ago and the first night I started having a high pitched cough with trouble talking sometimes. Is this normal? I have also had a flu vaccine and tetanus vaccine on the same day. Should I be worried about this high pitched cough and sometimes having trouble speaking

Age: 34
Medications: Ventolin
General Information: I have a congenital heart defect which is called tetralogy of fallot. I also have asthma

I have come down with a horrific flu?

I have come down with a horrific flu but I am on a lot of medication for a neck and back injury involving torn discs. I have a very low immune system at current and the hot and cold attacks and shaking is causing severe pain in my neck and back. I have taken the following medication which I take daily, sometime twice a day. Is there anything else I can take atm for this flu without it interfering with the below medications?
Tragin 15/7.5mg
Endone 5mg x 2
Valium 10mg taken
Apo rabeprazole 20mg x 2
Naprosyn SR1000mg
Minocyclin tablets x 2 for restless leg
Thank you