I’m a 15 year old Rwandan girl, with Asthma and Thyroid, condition getting worse?

I am (…)[Female], currently living in Kigali, Rwanda and I am 15 years old. I have had a medical history of Asthma and Thyroid which I am currently living with. Due to some personal issues I made my conditions get worst since February 2016. I take L Thyroxine of 75 mg and Ventoline 100 mcg[Salbutamol]. Since around the beginning of this month I have started to feel dizzy whenever I get up after sitting, and my inhaler intake has increased. I have tried telling my parents about it and they tried helping with Home-Remedies, but I feel that it made my body warm up more and cause more Anxiety and tiredness. I am not sure if this e-mail might work, but could you please see if I really need a doctor? I feel the signs of grief too, but that might be minor, I just request you to tell me some possible ways to look through this.
I really hope for a reply soon, will be really helpful.

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