I may have neutropenia or lymphdathy, need answers?

Tiny pea size lymph nodes in front of my ears, not behind them but in front of my ears, smaller than a pea size and on the left side above the tiny lymp node it’s another one about penny size

Have had one on my left side of my neck kidney bean shape but not sure if the small lympnodes by my ear have come from the kidney bean one because ive never felt my ears before ever so not sure if they came from it such as has spread over the many years (3 or more)

Tiny pea size lymph node by mt neck pulse, very small but I can feel it

They seem fixed and tiny and hard so a little concerned. The one kidney bean shape moves when I touch it

One under my chin well a few all pea size and some kidney bean shaped

Had neck ultrasounds, breast ultrasounds, hematologist opinions from two doctors and lot of blood work, even put my blood under microscope’s too, some doctors said neutropenia and lymphdathy but aren’t diagnosis just medical terms about my lymonodes.

Blood work all normal except my white blood cell count is just little below range, 2010 in range then dramatically dropped in 2011 2.3 2011 same year 2.2 then 2013 was 3.3 2015 3.5 until now so not sure what’s going on

But my monocytes everything hematologistsaid seemed healthy just my wbc might be low because of my ethnicity so not sure if that’s all into consideration

Want answers little concerned

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