Pressure inside my head almost like something might burst?

Having different sort of headache. It feels like a lot of pressure inside my head almost like something might burst, throbbing sort of pain. It is made worse with bending over, coughing, blowing nose. Also do get occasuonal dizzy spells (often end in fainting). Also have mild scoliosis which is causing a decent amount if pain, have tried physio and chiro with no positive results. I take panadol daily average 4 for the head/back pain. Any suggestions what head pain could be? And solutions for back pain.

Age: 19
Medications: None
General Information: Seen physio/chiro for scoliosis but not head pain

I have had an increasing level of pain. Localized on the back left side of my head?

I have had an increasing level of pain. Localized on the back left side of my head. From the base of my neck rising to the base of the skull. From there it would spike to my eardrum or the upper back (yes) corner of my head. That corner has felt like I was hit with a club, very sore for a couple of weeks and has grown in size, (no swelling or visible redness). There has been some swelling all around the area which I have used ice and heat and that helped. My throat has a muscle soreness about half/center also has been difficult to swallow. The VA helps me and I am very grateful. Today they found a redness around the left eardrum and a little dampness on the drum. I was given an antibiotic for 7 days. I have taken 2 so far. In the last few hours the eardrum pain seems to have subsided but the pain on my head has grown. The area has grown in size to about 3″ and seems to be the scalp only. No other relief from pain is noticed. I am 65 and worked physically all my days so my back and all of my joints ach. We

Age: 65
Medications: Atenolol, terazosin, omeprazole, hydrochlorothiazide, aspirin 81

I have a sharp pain at the left side of head?

For the past 3-4 days a sharp pain at the left side of head, about even with the front of left ear but on the top of head. Lasts for 5 to 10 seconds then goes away. Happening very frequently throughout the day. Sometimes happens as often as every 5 to 10 minutes apart. Not dabilitating, but worrisome and annoying. I don’t get headaches except slight occasional sinus headache. Had top right wisdom tooth pulled last week Monday, with no issues, but seeped blood until Friday.


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