I have heart problems with tremors and shaking?

i am a 34 year old male,185cm-84kg and very thin, i was treated for graves disease 4 years ago with total RAI ablation.treated with eutroxsig my thyroid levels are perfect,testing 3 days ago revealed clear lung xraymy cholesterol level was 7.2….For the past 12 months iv had regular very uncomfortable pinpoint tickling sensations in my heart area, that are always accompanied by extreme tremor/shaking in entire body and complete loss of breath but not ability to breath,it happens more when im at rest and mainly seated,it is consuming my life with the tremors being almost constant.my doctor doesnt take it seriously because of my weight and age,and my endocrinologist told me to start drinking alcohol for tremors but offered no help or answers…any advice to help with heart/tremors that might have been overlooked would be great thankyou


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Question: I am experiencing chest discomfort

Hello, I am 26 years old and I am experiencing chest discomfort. First and foremost, I am very aware of my own heartbeat. I can feel it thumping in my chest. Occasionally, I feel a sharp pain in the left part of my breast bone, and some burning pain in my left arm. I am not having a hard time breathing, however, sometimes when I take a deep breathe, I feel a sharp pain as well. Sometimes this pain radiates to my back. Sometimes, I will feel air move so I will make myself belch in order to relieve some pressure. I have been feeling like this the past few nights and I am wondering if I should be concerned. During the day, though I am still aware of my heart palpitating, I do not experience discomfort. It is mostly in the evenings when I am resting. Is there cause for concern?

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