My hip has been “locking up” and giving out occasionally?

My hip has been hurting for about 10 days now. I’m a 16 year old female. I play soccer. It’s also was popping in between my groin and hip flexor with a pain deep in there along with it “locking up” and giving out occasionally. Now the pain is mainly deep in my outer hip around the head of my femur bone and deep in my lower buttock. It hurts to run/briskly walk. Or walk for a while. It now progressed to hurting deep in my outer hip even when I’m just laying on my bed. It cracks 3-4 times when I swing my leg outward. The pain in my hip is very achy when I’m not putting it in use. Then it goes into sharp pains when I’m using it. Ive been able to dislocate my hip completely and very easily forever.

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