I am a veteran who has beta thalassemia minor and asthma while in deployment in Afghanistan?

Hello! I am a veteran who has beta thalassemia minor, which lowers my body’s ability to carry oxygen efficiently. I have a consistently low hemoglobin count and I also recently developed asthma as a result of being exposed to burn pits while on deployment to Afghanistan. Due to the combination of these conditions, I suffer from bouts of fatigue every few weeks and shortness of breath when attempting exercise or manual labor. I would like to have a medical professional confirm that these two things, while unrelated, are possibly amounting to the more severe results of my fatigability. I am seeing a hematologist for my thalassemia, but she has told me that she won’t connect the two, as she is not a pulmonary specialist. I would like to get in touch with someone who feels comfortable with both aspects of my medical situation and would possibly give me documentation that outlines how these two things could interact in my case. Thank you so much for your help!

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