I had a CT scan, I have gallstones, my gastroenterologist is acting like I’m terminal?

I had a CT scan due to a kidney stone 2 months ago which also showed that I have gallstones. No other problems with my gall bladder were noted at the time. Last month I had another scan for the kidney stone and this time the radiologist (not the same one) noted that my gall bladder was contracted. From what I read on the internet this isn’t exactly a life-threatening thing but my gastroenterologist is acting like I’m terminal. I had an ultrasound while fasting which confirmed what the CT scan showed. Now this doctor wants me to have another scan, I’m not sure what it’s called, he’s sending me a prescription in the mail. So the way he shakes his head and says “we have to get this handled” has me worried. I have no symptoms at all, no pain. So, while I’m going to do what he says I want some assurance that this isn’t something that’s going to end up being a huge problem for me. So my question is, just how serious is this? Is it more likely to end up with the removal of the gallbladder or just the stones? I started a gallbladder-friendly diet that was the consensus on the internet. Is that worthwhile? Can statins reduce gall stones? I just started statins, by coincidence, two days ago. If I continue to not have any symptoms does that mean I can just live with this? Thanks.

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