I had neuroendocrine tumor evaluation, is it affected by an increase in pancreatic polypeptides?

I’m just wanting to know if a carbohydrate meal would increase pancreatic polypeptide release. I had this test done as part of a neuroendocrine tumor evaluation and the result was very high. I read online it should be done fasting but my doctor disagreed, and said only protein and exercise would change the result, not carbohydrates, however she is not a neuroendocrinologist. I called the office of a neuroendocrinologist to schedule a 2nd opinion and the nurse said the test has to be done completely fasting, and won’t even schedule the consult until I have it done fasting, so I don’t know what to think. The level was 2000 and this was about 20 minutes after eating a high carbohydrate meal, but no protein. I also have diabetes which is not perfectly controlled.

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