I have been sick with colds, strep throat,bronchitis most of the semester?

21, Male.

I am a junior in college and am currently at school and just feel like I have been sick with colds for most of the semester. This has easily been the most academically challenging semester of my college career, and with that came a lot of stress and anxiety (I do feel like i suffer from some form of anxiety). In late August I caught strep throat, as it was going around a lot on campus. Since that I have had bronchitis in September (which cleared up in a few weeks) and after that have just been dealing with minor colds (stuffy nose, slight cough, minor scratchy throat). Once once cold seems to be dissipating, it seems to either come back or a new one comes in. In general I feel like a healthy person, as I am not overweight, however, I do not eat super healthy and because of my immense school work I do not get much exercise.

I do live in an apartment with 3 other guys, and the house isn’t always the cleanest, but they don’t seem to be suffering. I don’t really suffer form allergies, and I know my colds aren’t allergies because the phlegm is yellow/green. I am NOT sexually active. Do drink probably once a week, but am not a smoker.

I feel like I have overworked myself this semester and have been constantly stressed, and having constant runny noses and slight coughs isn’t helping, especially with my anxiety. Need answers!

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