I have spherocytocis, I had surgery to remove my spleen last week, however I just had another gallbladder attack?

Hello! This is not really a general question.. I am 20 years old, female. For the past few months i have been experiencing extreme pain in my abdomen. The pain shoots down my back and is accompanied with nausea and chills/fevers. After a sonar the doctors said i have sludge in my gallbladder. The underlying problem was spherocytocis – a deformation of the red blood cell. As a result of the sphero, my spleen became enlarged and broke down red blood cells, causing the liver to produce too much bilirubin. I had surgery to remove my spleen last week; however, I just had another gallbladder attack after only a week. I eat a very healthy diet with only natural fats. I have been drinking Ursotan to help the body with dissolving cholesterol. Is it possible that the Ursotan may be making me feel worse ? Is it possible for the gallbladder attacks to go away? How long will it take after my splenectomy for the gallbladder to recover again? How can i be sure that it is even my gallbladder and not my stomach or something else ? I’m really hopeless by now

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