My 1 month old daughter has a congenital heart disease and needs heart surgery, can it wait one year?

My 1 month old daughter has a congenital heart disease named – transposition of great arteries with vsd.
I bring her to a govt. Hosp. Doctors put her on oxygen for two weeks. Now from last two weeks they had removed her oxygen and now she is breathing well. Now we bring her back home she looks normal but some time her lips, ears, hands and feet toes get blue.
She is breathing well, sleeping well. Her mother feeding her regularly. She seems perfect she only cries when she is hungry or when her body exposed to air. While crying she got too much blue.
Doctors said it’s not possible to do her heart surgery bcoz she is too young. They tried too do angioplasty but didn’t succeed bcoz her veins are too thin. Doctors said let her grow a bit like up to 1 year. After it will be safe to do her surgery. Other wise bring her to any other country (which i cannot afford).
I just want to ask that Is it ok to keep her like this for one year without any treatment?
Please give me the suggestion that what should i do now
(please excuse me for my poor English)