I hurt my neck 2 years ago, is APS therapy good?

Hi. I’m and 18 year old female and was kicked very hard on the left side of my head/neck by a field hockey goal keeper 4 years ago .I had a concussion and the general expected pain after ,so i did nothing about it .I began to get headaches a few months later .I have long thick hair and though that’s always tied up and thought this might be the cause so i cut it ,but there was no change .it got worse and sometimes i would sit up after sitting in an uncomfortable position and have blurred vision and neck and back pain .I then hurt my neck 2 years ago in a fall ,again playing field hockey and had to wear a neck brace for a few weeks .
I saw a doctor who gave me pain killers and neck strengthening exercises but it kept getting worse .
Our school got a Physio in the gym that i began seeing and was told the exercises i had been doing were for someone with a strong neck and would have made my neck and back worse .I began having dry needling and physio massages frequently as sleeping or sitting in the slightest different or abnormal way leaves me in pain for hours,sometimes days with terrible headaches and lately pain in my face .The facial pain is mainly on the left side of my face and i sometimes get pins and needles in my forehead .

Sometimes the pain in my neck and back and head goes on for so long or is so bad all i can do is lay down because i feel like passing out .The muscles and nerves in my back and neck tense up a lot easier than most people and i often hear a loud buzzing sound when i bend while in pain .

I heard of something called APS therapy and was wondering if this is something to consider and what else could be done or what you think is the problem .