I need to know if lacquer thinner (Glitsa) destroys brain cells?

I recently started working for a wood flooring company about 3 month now. I was asked to help a guy that was dumping a bucket of lacquer thinner. I did not have my respirator and head to breathe the thick fumes for 60 seconds. Afterwards I had I headache and felt a bit off. The wood finisher brand we use Glitsa was banned in California. Googled it and I’m FREAKING OUT lacquer thinner and other chemicals can cause damage to the Brain, Lung, Kidney + birth defects and cancer. This is supposedly long term exposure. But it seems to me that 1 time exposure could cause irreversible Brain damage. I need to know the true do chemicals headache, mean you are killing Brain sales or is that a math. If you were slowly killing Brain sales you may not even notice until it was obvious. This week i FELT AS IF I can’t concentrate or think as clearly. More concerning my left eye has be blurry like I have been staring at a bright light. Blotchy like I went form a dark room in the sunlight and aching. It may be unrelated butt its never happen before this all start roughly 4 day ago. How dangerous are there chemical. Thanks

Age: 24
medications: no medication