I think I may have lymphoma or lupus, what to do next?

Female age 24. Not sure what matters and what doesn’t so im listing everything that is abnormal. Some symptoms I’ve had for a long time such as fatigue, weakness, night sweats, random itchiness especially when I go to sleep, I’ve gotten small circle red scaly looking patches on my arms and legs usually just one at a time every few months. I have silent reflux. And also I don’t know if this is anything but maybe like a year ago my right tonsil started getting swollen randomly at times and has continued to. Now it’s just always larger than the left and sometimes gets a little bigger with some discomfort.
Recently. In July I went to hospital for lower abdominal pain and bloody stool. They did a ct scan and found I had colitis. Did a colonoscopy but the infection had already cleared up and they didn’t find anything else. Was extremely nauseous for a couple months after that.
Along with that ct scan that also found a 2cm nodule on my left adrenal gland. Primary doctor ran some hormone bloodwork. Only dhea s came back high and he thinks it’s from pcos but nothing further was done.
Fast forward to november. Started getting right abdominal and back pain. In December had an ultrasound then an mri done and they found gallstones. Also had bloodwork done and had a white count of 18 and had high liver numbers. I had my gallbladder laparoscopicly removed on December 30th.
Along with that I’ve had a low grade fever almost every night for about a month. Temp starts going up around midnight and comes back down about 5am. My normal temp is between high 97 and low 98. My temp at night goes up to 99.4 so far.

My concern pretty much is each time something was wrong I did prior research and ended up being right. My research with this has led me to lymphoma and lupus and I just don’t know if that’s a possibility or what to do.