I’m feeling High – but only taking medications?

Hello. I’m abit concerned about the way I’m feeling. I’m currently taking “Nefopam, gabapentin, neproxen, and amitriptaline” prescribed drugs.

Since 18:00 today I have been feeling like I’m high on an illegal drug! That’s the only way I can describe how I’m feeling! It’s gradually been getting worse throughout the evening. I’ve eaten and drank and I still feel strange. Is there any reason for this??

I took this morning at 10:00 ‘600mg gabapentin, 500mg neproxen and 2 tablets of 30mg Nefopam”
This afternoon around 15:00 I took the same amount of tablets.
I have been drinking plenty of water throughout the day and been eating normally.
Can you please help me as I’m getting very concerned!!
Thank you

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