My daughter has migraines since she was 2 years old, now getting worse?

I am I need of help for my 15 year old daughter. Since she was 2 she has been getting migraines. Done took her to a doctor when she was little and they said it was migraines and it was heredity. Ok these past 2 weeks she has had this pain in the front of for head and then it travels to the base of her head. She says it’s a constant pain. I have givin her Tylenol 3, ibriphone, excederine, and it don’t help. But along with that she could barely eat. Then all she wants to do is sleep. She will get home from school and go to sleep and that’s about 530 and will sleep til the next morning. Please help me.

Age: 15
Medications: N/A
General Information: Wear eye glasses.