I had a miscarriage, could I have lost only one of the twin babies?

I had a miscarriage about two months ago I was plus minus 4weeks and the doctor I had seen when I started bleeding was a gp (it was my first time going to have as I was new in the area, I had only taken a digital pregnancy test and was yet to have an ultrasound done) he did an ultrasound and said I lost the ban y of I bleed more than 7dsys I should come back. I stopped on the 7th day but during this time when I bled I had passed lots of blood cloths and something that looked like a fetus. I only had sexual intercourse once after the miscarriage and my partner had “pulled out” I had my period a week after that. I have been getting slight morning sickness and feeling nauseous from certain foods and hardly eating. Could I be pregnant again? Could I have been pregnant with twins and the gp did not notice in the scan? I have taken a test and it says positive.

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