My mother feels anxious, claustrophobic, lost appetite and lethargic?

I need advise around the issues my mother is facing. She is 58 year old, and off late she has starting mentioning a lot of issues she is facing. I am unsure whom to consult i.e. Physician, Psychologist or some other specialist.

1) She feels heaviness around her chest area, and, feels a lot anxious. Its like a sudden anxious feeling.
2) She feels claustrophobic if she is in a car, or the door is closed.
3) She doesn’t like being alone.
4) She has lost appetite.
5) Her mood is down.
6) She feels lethargic and unable to sleep.

As per her, she is depressed, and the physician that we consulted, he gave her depression medicines, along with a medicine to normalize her heart beat which is on higher side, and multi vitamins.

As per him, the heart best is higher because of anxiety/depression.

She feels a lot lethargic and unable to sleep. And, we don’t want her to be dependent on depression medicines which are mostly unhealthy.

Please suggest what direction should we take from here.

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