My mother underwent an aortic aneurysm repair, still has catheter, my aunt died of septic poisoning due to a similar event?

My mother is 71 years old. On November 16, 2016, she underwent an aortic aneurysm repair. Since the surgery she has not been able to urinate on her own & was discharged form the hospital with a foley catheter in place. She has been to a Urologist twice since discharge once on (11/22 & again on 11/28) in which both visits the catheter was removed, she was given the voiding test with a negative result & the catheter was replaced. They gave her a folow up appt on 12/22/16. This means she will have this catheter in place for a month before it is checked again. Is this normal? Will having a catheter for such a long period of time cause permanent damage? She is now experiencing pain & vomiting. What should I do at this point? My aunt died of septic poisoning due to a similar event & I am scared for my mother. Please give me some advise.

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