My problem is dry eyes, eye drops and tear duct plugs don’t work, need solution?

I am a 66 year old male with long term lower back injury for which I take Hydrocodone and Cyclobenzaprine. I also had an inverted papilloma in my sinus removed around 2010.
My problem is dry eyes. I went to the eye doctor back around 2002 and he put in tear duct plugs. They never helped, one fell out and the other was removed when I had my inverted papilloma removed.
The dry eyes ONLY occur at night and early evening. I use eye drops constantly during the evening and upon going to bed. If I delay applying the drops the condition becomes painful. Once I lay down to sleep I use the drops, but they only help for a few minutes and I begin to feel my eyes drying and sticking to my sockets. I have tried ALL TYPES of over the counter drops with the best temporary relief coming from Just Tears.
During the nights I wake with my eyes stuck solid in their sockets. I fumble for the drops and begin applying them. I sometimes have to pry my eyes open to get the drops in. Some nights are worse than others, but this occurs EVERY evening and night.
I have told a lot of doctors about this problem and they all say, interesting, keep up the drops.
This condition can only get worse with time and age.
I welcome any suggestions.

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