I’m only 19 but have problems remembering very simple facts, happening more and more frequently?

I’m 19 and I’m a bit concerned that my job performance may be altered by a mental problem. I’m at a relatively prestigious university and maintain my grades well enough so it’s not that I’m concerned about my mental capacity, rather, I have problems sometimes remembering simple facts. I’ve already been fired from another job because I couldn’t remember to do simple things (check fax confirmations, saving documents, etc). I’m having the same problems in my new job, sometimes people will call and by the time I transfer them I’ve already forgot who called. It’s gone beyond simple forgetfulness, what is concerning is that it seems to be happening more frequently. I haven’t had a concussion or anything but that’s the type of thing this feels like. It doesn’t seem normal and I’m really concerned. Any help would be great, thanks!

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