I have back pain for 2 years now and I’m out of breathe, but my parents say I’m OK?

Hello my name is (…) and i’m 17 years old and a female. I have been having back pain for I think 2 years now and i’ve not been too a doctor because my parents said it’s just growing pain and this year my back pain has gotten worse and i’m out of breathe really easily especially when I climb up the stairs and my legs always have a numbness either when I sit down for too long. My back pain is the worst if I sit or stand up for too long or if I bend down to pick up something and when I go to bed it’s hard for me to go to bed because it’s hard for me to breathe cause of the pain in my back is so bad and so I can’t sleep on my back and only on my side. Could you please tell me what I have?

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