Could a nodule make my thyroid levels appear normal?

I am having a partial thyroidectomy due to a 5.3 cm nodule on my left lobe. They did a biopsy it was non malignant. I had blood work done but I dont go back to see the endocrinologist until the end of the month. By thyroid levels appear to be normal, tsh 1.39 t4 free 1.3 and t3 free 2.8, however my thyroid peroxidase antibodies is at 350 and Thyroglobulin antibodies is at 33. This makes me believe Hashimoto thyroiitisI have all the symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Could the nodule be producing thyroid hormone to make my levels appear normal? Also could this all be affecting my blood pressure?

Age: 34
Medications: None