I’m captain of running team, had bad accident, doc says zero activity…but I need to run?

I had a bad accident ~5.5 weeks ago. I broke my thumb’s metacarpal on my right hand, initially they believed it was a bennett fracture, but luckily wasn’t displaced, so didn’t require any surgical action- and on my left I hand broke and displaced my scaphoid, and the distal end of my radius in a few places. Around 4 weeks go, I had a procedure done where a titanium compression screw inserted into my scaphoid, carpal tunnel surgery to avoid complications with the nerve that runs through my palm and near the scaphoid, and a bone graft and two temporary pins in my distal radius. My right hand had a splint, which came off today.

I’m the captain of my schools running teams, year round since my HS sophomore year- cross-country, indoor track, track, and I was on track (no pun intended) to a division 1 running scholarship. I went into the ER knowing I had broken my left wrist and right thumb, but at least I had a sense of relief that I would be able to run with the casts on- at least it wouldn’t effect my main focus and way of keeping calm/getting away during the school year. But that changed when I realized I needed surgery- I’ve been instructed absolutely no, zero physical activity, which is killing me. I get why I’m instructed not to run: If I fall, and break it worse, I could be losing dexterity or feeling in arguably the most useful body part- But, I can’t think of any reason why a core exercise, or a stationary bike ride could injure me, other than the risk of infection from sweat. Is it a real concern?

I really want to be able to save this year of running, it’s a huge deal to me, and missing the first half of the year is going to make it nearly impossible to achieve my goals this year, and if I don’t do it this year, it’s not going to get done. Can I maintain shape (not running, not racing, just stationary biking and core) until I have the pins removed from my arm without worry of infection?


An upset distance runner.

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